10 Best Disc Golfers of All Time

Disc golf, often described as the confluence of traditional golf with the dynamic action of frisbee, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Originating from informal games of throwing discs into target zones, it has now evolved into a professional sport with its own set of rules, specialized gear, and dedicated courses sprawling across various terrains.

From local parks to dedicated disc golf courses, the unmistakable sight of chains and baskets dotting the landscape has become more common. Communities have embraced the sport not just as a competitive pursuit but also as a recreational activity that brings together enthusiasts of all ages. The surge in disc golf’s popularity can be attributed to its accessibility, the relatively low cost of entry, and its unique blend of physical challenge and strategic play.

As its popularity has soared over the years, numerous athletes have stepped onto the course, displaying feats of precision, power, and strategy. But among them, a select few have risen to legendary status, leaving an indelible mark on the game. In this exploration, we dive deep into the achievements and legacies of the “10 best disc golfers of all time,” taking you on a journey through their iconic moments and the impact they’ve had on this beloved sport.

Top 10 Best Disc Golfers of All Time

Following are top ten Disc Golfers of All Time:

Player 1: Ken Climo

  • Achievements: Won the PDGA World Championships an astounding 12 times.
  • Secured: 167 professional wins in his illustrious career.
  • Memorable Moments: His unparalleled streak of five consecutive World Championships from 1990 to 1994 showcased his dominance in the sport.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Known as the “Champ,” Climo’s consistent performances have inspired countless players. He’s also actively engaged in course design, shaping the way future generations experience the game.

Player 2: Paul McBeth

  • Achievements: Five-time PDGA World Champion. One of the few players to achieve a perfect rating of 1050.
  • Memorable Moments: His 18-under-par round at the 2018 Great Lakes Open was a record-breaking performance that stunned the disc golf world.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Beyond his on-course brilliance, McBeth has played a pivotal role in promoting disc golf through media engagements and his active social media presence.

Player 3: Juliana Korver

  • Achievements: Five-time Women’s PDGA World Champion.
  • Memorable Moments: Dominated the women’s circuit from 1998 to 2001, securing four consecutive World Championship titles.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Apart from her competitive accolades, Korver has been an ambassador for women in the sport, championing inclusivity and growth.

Player 4: Dave Feldberg

  • Achievements: PDGA World Champion in 2008.
  • Memorable Moments: His thrilling victory at the 2008 World Championships showcased his resilience and determination.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Feldberg has been instrumental in promoting disc golf education, conducting clinics, and mentoring young players worldwide.

Player 5: Valarie Jenkins

  • Achievements: Four-time Women’s PDGA World Champion.
  • Memorable Moments: Clinching her fourth World Championship title in 2016, a testament to her enduring skill and passion.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Jenkins has been a prominent voice for women in disc golf, advocating for greater recognition and opportunities.

Player 6: Ricky Wysocki

  • Achievements: Two-time PDGA World Champion.
  • Memorable Moments: His duel with Paul McBeth in the 2016 World Championships, which saw him clinch his first world title.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Wysocki’s charismatic presence and engagement with fans have made him one of the most beloved figures in the sport.

Player 7: Elaine King

  • Achievements: Five-time Women’s PDGA World Champion.
  • Memorable Moments: Her reign in the 1990s, where she dominated the women’s scene with consistency and skill.
  • Contribution to the Sport: King has been a staunch advocate for clean competition, playing a key role in anti-doping initiatives in disc golf.

Player 8: Barry Schultz

  • Achievements: Two-time PDGA World Champion.
  • Memorable Moments: Winning back-to-back World Championships in 2003 and 2004, asserting his position at the top.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Schultz’s approachable demeanor has seen him actively engage in community events, growing the sport at the grassroots level.

Player 9: Des Reading

  • Achievements: Three-time Women’s PDGA World Champion.
  • Memorable Moments: Her intense competition with other leading women players in the early 2000s resulted in multiple championship wins.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Reading has dedicated significant efforts towards youth education in disc golf, nurturing the next generation of players.

Player 10: Nate Doss

  • Achievements: Three-time PDGA World Champion.
  • Memorable Moments: His victory at the 2011 World Championships showcased his ability to rise to the occasion.
  • Contribution to the Sport: Beyond his competitive feats, Doss has been a prominent voice in disc golf media, promoting the sport to broader audiences.

Disc Golf Top Players and Their Contributions

As with any sport, the rise in stature and recognition of disc golf can be closely tied to its iconic players. These athletes, through their exceptional skills, thrilling performances, and unwavering dedication, have played pivotal roles in drawing the spotlight onto the sport. Their journeys, filled with championship wins, memorable plays, and sometimes even game-changing innovations, offer not just entertainment but also inspiration for budding players.

Recognizing the “10 best disc golfers of all time” isn’t merely an exercise in nostalgia; it’s an acknowledgment of their tireless efforts in elevating the sport. Their stories serve as a testament to the spirit of disc golf, capturing its essence and the heights it has achieved. By celebrating these top players, we don’t just relive their iconic moments; we also lay the foundation for the future legends of the sport.

Top Players and Their Contributions

Historical Perspective

Disc golf’s roots trace back to the early 20th century when people began playing games involving throwing tin lids or pie pans toward specific targets. The simplicity of this concept allowed it to be played in various settings – backyards, parks, and school grounds. However, the sport as we know it today began to take shape in the 1960s. Ed Headrick, often regarded as the “Father of Disc Golf,” patented the first disc golf basket with chains, an innovation that would become the standard target in modern disc golf courses.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, disc golf witnessed significant evolution. Dedicated courses began to appear, and the first official rules were established. The formation of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) in 1976 marked a major milestone, providing structure and legitimacy to the sport.

The Emergence of Standout Players Over the Years

With the sport’s growing formalization and the establishment of national and international tournaments, disc golf began to see the rise of standout players. These early trailblazers not only showcased their skills but also actively promoted the sport, engaging with communities and pioneering disc golf clinics.

In the decades that followed, players like Ken Climo, Juliana Korver, and Paul McBeth would come to dominate the sport, winning multiple championships and setting records. Their dominance on the course was complemented by their contributions to it, from designing courses to mentoring the next generation of players.

As disc golf continued its upward trajectory, each era brought forth its legends. Whether it was the early days of disc golf, where players relied on raw talent and innovation, or the modern era with its advanced disc technologies and strategic gameplay, standout players emerged, etching their names in the annals of disc golf history.

The tales of these athletes, their triumphs, struggles, and indomitable spirit, form an integral part of disc golf’s rich tapestry. As we delve deeper into the “10 best disc golfers of all time,” their stories provide not just a snapshot of their greatness but also a panoramic view of the sport’s illustrious journey.

Standout Players Over the Years

Criteria for Ranking

Determining the “best” in any sport, especially one as dynamic and multifaceted as disc golf requires a careful analysis of various factors. While it’s tempting to look at the number of trophies or championship titles simply, the true measure of greatness often transcends statistics. Here are the critical factors we’ve considered in curating our list of the “10 best disc golfers of all time”

Championships Won

Undoubtedly, one of the most direct measures of a player’s skill and dominance in the sport is the number of championships they’ve secured. Major tournaments like the PDGA World Championships, European Open, or the United States Disc Golf Championship serve as the ultimate testing ground for players, and consistently clinching titles in these events is a testament to a player’s prowess.

Influence on the Sport

Beyond their performance on the course, some players have left an indelible mark on the sport’s landscape. Whether it’s through pioneering new techniques, promoting the sport in new regions, or mentoring upcoming players, their influence extends well beyond their playing careers. Players who’ve acted as ambassadors, bridging the sport’s past and future, hold a special place in disc golf’s history.

Consistency Over the Years

While sporadic bursts of brilliance can capture attention, it’s the consistent performers who truly stand out. Players who’ve maintained top rankings over extended periods, weathering competition and evolving challenges, showcase not just skill but also adaptability and resilience.

Contribution to the Community

Disc golf, at its heart, is a community-driven sport. Players who’ve engaged with the community, whether by organizing events, championing inclusivity, or simply being accessible role models, have enriched the sport’s culture and made it more welcoming for everyone.

Technological and Strategic Innovations

Some players push the boundaries of what’s possible, not just through their plays but also through innovations. Be it introducing a new type of disc, pioneering a game-changing throwing technique, or bringing in strategic depth, these innovators elevate the game for everyone.

Personal Stories and Challenges

Often, the journey of a player, filled with challenges, struggles, and comebacks, adds a layer of depth to their achievements. Overcoming personal hurdles, be it injuries, life challenges, or other adversities, and still shining at the highest level speaks volumes about a player’s character and determination.

In compiling our list of the greatest disc golfers, we’ve aimed for a holistic view, one that captures the essence of what it means to be the “best.” It’s a combination of skill, impact, perseverance, and, most importantly, a love for the game that truly sets these players apart.

Criteria for Ranking

Honorable Mentions

The world of disc golf is brimming with talent, dedication, and passion. While our list focuses on the top 10 players, it’s crucial to recognize a few others who, despite just missing the cutoff, have significantly impacted the sport. Here are some honorable mentions:

  • 1. Sarah Hokom: A standout in the women’s division, Hokum’s sidearm drive is one of the most distinctive in the game. Winning the PDGA Women’s World Championship in 2012, she has continued to be a dominant force on the circuit and a role model for upcoming players.
  • 2. Simon Lizotte: Known for his charismatic personality and incredible arm speed, Lizotte holds the world record for the longest throw. His engaging video content and trick shots have attracted many to the sport.
  • 3. Paige Pierce: Dominating the women’s division in recent years, Pierce’s aggressive playstyle and consistent results, including multiple PDGA World Championship titles, make her a force to be reckoned with. She has been an ambassador for the sport, especially in promoting women’s disc golf.
  • 4. Avery Jenkins: With a PDGA World Championship title to his name and numerous other victories, Jenkins’ contribution isn’t just limited to his playing prowess. He’s been instrumental in promoting the sport globally, conducting clinics, and engaging with fans.
  • 5. Gregg Barsby: Crowned the PDGA World Champion in 2018, Barsby’s journey in the sport is one of perseverance and dedication. His charismatic presence and love for the game have endeared him to fans worldwide.
  • 6. Catrina Allen: A top contender in the women’s division for years, Allen has multiple major titles under her belt. Her competitive spirit and dedication have made her one of the most consistent players on tour.

Each of these players, with their unique skills, stories, and contributions, embodies the essence of disc golf. They’ve not only showcased exceptional talent but have also played a role in shaping the sport’s rich tapestry, inspiring countless enthusiasts and budding players.

Honorable mentions


The annals of disc golf history are etched with the names of players who, through their sheer skill, passion, and dedication, have elevated the sport to unprecedented heights. The legacy they leave behind isn’t just in the form of championship titles or record-breaking feats but in the heartbeats of countless fans who’ve cheered for every ace, sighed at every missed putt, and celebrated every victory.

While we’ve highlighted the top players and a few honorable mentions, it’s essential to recognize that they stand on the shoulders of a community that has nurtured and grown the sport from its nascent days of throwing pie tins to its current status as a global phenomenon. Each player, in their unique way, has contributed to this incredible journey.

Looking ahead, the future of disc golf shines bright. With the sport gaining traction in new regions, technological advancements enhancing gameplay, and a new generation of players rising through the ranks, the horizon promises thrilling championships, iconic moments, and stories of determination and triumph. As we celebrate the legends of the past and present, we’re also filled with anticipation for the future legends, waiting to make their mark in the captivating world of disc golf.


Our article delves into the “10 best disc golfers of all time,” highlighting players like Ken Climo, Paul McBeth, Juliana Korver, and others who have significantly impacted the sport.

The ranking is based on multiple factors, including championships won, influence on the sport, consistency over the years, contributions to the community, technological and strategic innovations, and personal challenges overcome.

Recognizing these players is not just an acknowledgment of their achievements but also their role in promoting the sport, inspiring newer players, and laying the foundation for future legends.

Yes, disc golf has seen tremendous evolution since its inception, from informal games with tin lids to becoming a professional sport with dedicated courses, specialized equipment, and international championships.

Absolutely! Players like Juliana Korver, Valarie Jenkins, and Elaine King, among others, have dominated the women’s division and made significant contributions to the sport.

There are numerous platforms, including YouTube channels dedicated to disc golf, the PDGA website, and sports networks, where you can watch tournaments and iconic moments from these top players.

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